Avon UK Rep/Sales Leader

Joining Avon back in 2015 has been one amazing adventure. Now I am growing my own team in the UK and making sales too

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Most know I am on YouTube and I make Gaming videos on Minecraft and also Skyrim along with my Avon Videos. I am also starting to stream via Twitch too

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Public/Inspirational Newb

Since 2006 I have been a woman who wanted to inspire. From the years of doing so I have learned, shared my own stories and now I want to inspire others to be more than they feel they can be -tjuk

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Saga Series | The Writer

When I was a small child I had a very big imagination, as I grew up it grew even bigger to where I am in life at present. I started to write short stories about a little girl who was a little like myself and her adventures were out of this world. No really they actually was.

Over the years my short stories were either lost or forgot in ways and even if the loss hurt something I never forgot. I then in my teens created this child to be Talula Jade Elizabeth Price. Her stories became even more fun as I got into my teens & my memory loss of her past slowly pieced itself together like a JIGSAW.

I am now a mother of 5 children so the story of talula is a massive change to mine but she is based on my actual life which is what I feel will be a story to be told. So I created the Saga Series Collection as my book that was started and is yet to be finished has so many unanswered questions I knew it would have needed more books to be added to answer them and even invite readers to ask more. Just writing with a mass block and fear has left her a SHADOW of her own creation so bringing her to world and fighting my own fears could be enlightening to some around the world. I hope it will be!!!


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If you are interested in anything here that you have read or what I offer, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog. Please do not hesitate to make contact with me